Coyote Point

San Francisco Bay Area, California


Windsurfers rule the waves at Davenport, 45 minutes south of San Francisco. Kites suffer a wind shadow on the inside, but the air’s better offshore. Don’t drift too far left or you’ll end up on the rocks. The region’s best beach-break, Waddell Creek once hosted World Cup wavesailing events yet nowadays kiters reign. There’s strong wind as long as the fogbank stays just 3 miles north-west of Waddell. If you prefer your own company head 10 minutes north to Gazos Creek, but keep an eye on that fogbank – if it comes in, the wind dies. Within sight of the legendary break at Mavericks, Half Moon Bay is a nice beach-break with moderate winds, excellent when it’s clear and breezy. Ride the south end of the beach in NW winds, or the harbour during winter southerly storms. Just within city limits, the heavy beach-break Ocean Beach  often gets blown-out for surfers, leaving room to sail or kite. This long sandy beach suffers strong currents yet offers lots of space for landing – great for downwinders, but heavy rain will ruin the water quality for a day or two. The picturesque Crissy Fields tempts riders right under the Golden Gate Bridge. Amazing views, but it’s the advanced only in strong tidal currents that drag into Alcatraz or out to the Pacific. Coyote Point is good for windsurfing with a grass rigging area, pebble beach, and lots of space at low tide – just watch out for navigation pylons in the water downwind of the launch. Kite launching is tricky at high tide, so head for 3rd Avenue near San Mateo. The windiest and most popular kite spot in the Bay has a 500m walk from the carpeted rigging area to a slippery, rocky launch. There are two small alternate emergency exit points before the San Mateo Hayward Bridge. Over in the East Bay, south of Bay Bridge, Crown Point Beach is the Bay’s most learner-friendly spot. The kite launch is very close to a road, so there are strict rules to follow. The wind’s usually lighter than elsewhere, but there’s grassy rigging in a nice family-friendly park with paid parking. Berkeley Marina Kite Launch, Berkeley Marina Windsurfing Launch has easy sailing with a tricky launch. Windsurfers launch from the easternmost dock at the Cal Sailing centre, while kiters launch further south, off 'Point Emery’ (not for beginners). Best at low tide, avoid anglers – and if you can’t get back to Point Emery, you have to self rescue and wade in. Sacramento River Delta, about 50 km inland, enjoys steady winds over warm fresh water under hot Californian sunshine. At Sherman Island Kite Launch, Sherman Island Windsurfing Launch windsurfers launch next to the access road, the customary kite launch is for intermediate to advanced riders, while the local schools occasionally take beginners upwind to launch at the islands. Dry camping onsite for about $10 per night, day parking $5 – but it’s remote and there’s no running water, so bring food and drink. North of the Golden Gate Bridge is Marine County where the giant redwood trees grow, and beneath Muir Woods is Stinson Beach with its long strand and large close-out waves. Summer’s good for NW winds while winter favours southerlies. In spring, the wind’s best late morning to early afternoon before it gets too gusty. Hang-gliders share the landing and have right of way – so keep low if you see them coming!
Kite and Windsurfing Guide
Coyote Point ist mit Wiese zum Riggen recht komfortabel, nur auf die Pylonen in Lee des Einstiegs muss man achten.
Coyote Point is good for windsurfing with a grass rigging area, pebble beach, and lots of space at low tide – just watch out for navigation pylons…