East Worthing / Lancing

English Channel


East Worthing is marked by the beginning of a shallower section of coast. Tide ranges between 3m -1.8m create relatively little shore break which offers good opportunity for windsurfing beginners or intermediate improvers. During strong days the waves are much smaller than at Sea Lane or Shoreham so it's a good place to develop the skills to sail in larger wave venues.
The beach is pebbled, but from East Worthing heading westwards the receding tideline reveals stones under foot so you will definitely need to wear wetsuit boots and be careful not to lose a fin. If you're sailing a quad, fin damage probably wont be a problem.
Kite surfers can head slightly further down beach eastwards to Lancing Green. Here you can sail in the designated Kiting section where Lancing Kiting Club is situated. There is ample parking a cafe and plenty of room to rig up on the green.
From Lancing Green heading further eastwards, the stones that feature beneath the tide heading westwards do not figure so you can sail barefoot in summer.

SUP Info

On calm days this spot is totally flat.
There is a SUP hire shop on Worthing East Beach