Grande Lisboa


Guincho is undoubtedly one of Europe’s hottest summer wave spots, attracting various international contests. The thermally reinforced Nortada allows regular sessions from May to August. Gusty winds swing between west-north-west and north-westerly (cross-on to cross-shore from the right) and gradually increase through the day, often reaching Force 7 by afternoon. Hence small sails and kites are a must. The warmer the day, the more the wind tends to cross-off north-north-east, which is always gusty. If it gets too hot, it can even turn north-east to easterly (offshore) and completely die off. A few minutes before that happens it blows noticeably warmer on the water, at which point it's time to get in quick or you'll have to swim home. With any luck, the all-important swell will join in to hide a few masts out back. The chances of big swell are higher in spring and autumn than summer, although the odds of wind drop to an even 50/50. The swell is huge in winter, but wind is rare and it rains a lot. Big swell means extremely challenging conditions – gusty winds, strong currents and a shorebreak (especially at high tide) mean it’s the preserve of experienced sailors. Two launches sit either side of rocks that divide the beach. Most stay north for cleaner waves and more constant wind – also a good call if you’re worried about the current dragging you onto the steep cliffs down south. The southern side is popular with wave newcomers, as the beach shelves more gently to leave a little more standing-depth water. Parking is free down south near 'Hotel Muchaxo’ – to the north, it costs a couple of Euros at 'Bar de Guincho’. Either way you'll have to carry your kit a fair distance to the water. Of course if there's no wind, surfing and SUP are excellent on the Atlantic swell, especially by Hotel Muchaxo.
Im Sommer gehört Guincho sicherlich zu den besten Wave-Spots Europas, weshalb ihm auch regelmäßig die Ehre von internationalen Wave-Contests zuteil wird.
Guincho is undoubtedly one of Europe's hottest summer wave spots, attracting various international contests.