Northern Jutland


Klitmøller is Denmark’s most famous break – its fans rave about “Cold Hawaii”, while the North Atlantic Surf Association recently built itself a gigantic new clubhouse. As it's open to a range of wind directions, there’s actually a broad scope of conditions on offer. In south-south-west to south-westerly the sheltered bay isn't at its full potential, so the mussel-reef to the south is the best call for perfect cross-shore conditions on big, powerful waves. Reef contact is possible after a wipe-out though – so wear boots if you care about your feet. West to west-north-westerly is jump-time as huge swells roll into the bay, presenting decent ramps with plenty of space between them. There are a few pitfalls in Klitmøller though, like the 'Washing Machine' section where walls of white water break almost perpetually making it tough to recover. Plus there are so many on the water in decent conditions that you’ll need your wits about you. Life’s a little more relaxed downwind at 'Klitrosen’; a popular choice among locals and kiters (to launch from there, park in the last car-park on the edge of the village, then walk 300m over a large sand-dune to the beach). Aside from superb wave conditions, there are plenty of amenities on-hand in Klitmøller; fish-&-chip shops, bakeries, campsites and holiday cottages – what more could you want?
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Klitmøller ist der bekannteste Wavespot Dänemarks, die Fangemeinde schwärmt von Cold Hawaii" und die North Atlantic Surf Association hat sich mit…"
Klitmøller is Denmark's most famous break – its fans rave about 'Cold Hawaii', while the North Atlantic Surf Association recently built itself a gigantic&he…