Bodensee, Voralpenland


The lower part of the “Untersee” is considered the windiest part of Lake Constance (=Bodensee). Orientation and topography favor southwesterly wind whilst also every breeze from the northeast squeezes through this narrowing. There are three spots close to each other near the Swiss-German border and all three are quite popular with freeriders and freestylers. If you are looking for waves, you will be disappointed even in a storm. Sea depth and length are simply not enough here. Speaking of storm: orange rotating lights on the banks signal emerging wind. In strong winds of 25 - 33 knots (6-7 Bft.) it flashes 40 times per minute - during storm warning of 35 and more knots it’ll be 90. No matter how much wind: in any case you should pay attention to the busy boat traffic!
Berlingen West - Hornstaad attracts the most windsurfers on the Swiss side. Parking is tight, but somehow there is always a place between railway line, road and bike path. The fortified shore don’t really allow for an easy entry via two narrow stairs. However, once on the water the situation relaxes quickly.
Opposite on the German side you water either at the Strandbad Horn (at Camping Gaienhofen) for € 2.50 or you can choose the slipway at the port of Horn.

SUP Info

Both, parking facilities as well as the shore line with road, railway line and much development aren't really inviting for SUP.
Marc Staub