Guoye Sunrise

Penghu Islands


Guan Yin Ting is Makung’s city spot. Beginners will feel safe in front of Australian Alex Mowday’s windsurf centre on a man-made 400m pool spanned by the Rainbow Bridge, lit up like a spectrum at night. In the north of the island, a sandspit reaches into the sea shaped like a Sand Stripe Dragon Head. The west coast gets good NE winds and its shallow depth keeps it flat and safe, yet hardly anyone sails there. The east side at Beilao Bay is much more popular for very safe freestyle and freeride with a view of Beilao Temple. There’s enough room for launching kites from a shingle beach near the crematorium, or the harbour wall north of town in a small sandy bay below the Kuipi Hills. Guoye Sunrise on the east coast doesn’t just see the nicest sunrise, but also the most constant wind. Sometimes a large offshore swell can unload 1km south in the huge shingle bay of Longmen (or 'Dragon Gate’), the island’s best break. To the left there’s frontside riding on offer, sometimes in waves over 3m, while it’s more onshore to the right with flats inside for some freestyle. Cross-offshore NE makes for super-flat water at Lintou Park – a popular hang-out if there’s no wind in summer, with a beach park, banana boats, jet-skis. The wide Aimen Beach is good for beginner kiters in summer and the breakwater can catch a clean wave on a windy day. Suogang Reef is an inside tip east of Suogang town, but it’s not easy to sail as the launch is rocky and the waves break right in front of cliffs. If necessary, sail upwind from the beach north of the port – but never try it alone! Shanshuei Beach is completely different, it’s a summer spot with a nice white sandy beach and an impressive Shang Ti temple in town. Shili Beach is also a summertime venue as SE is virtually cross-shore. Follow road 203 over the bridge to the neighbouring island of Peishan to find Citou where fishing boats set off for the 'Bird Island’ of Niaoyu. You can get on the water at Citou Beach north of town, but unfortunately the NE winds blow plenty of flotsam into your path. At least you can land here if you sail back from Bird Island – but take a safety boat to avoid ending up like Baron Arnaud. There are two interesting spots on Niaoyu. Maybe the archipelago’s best rideable break stands alone off the south-east coast. Getting to the mast-high waves means a sail upwind in gusty NE winds from the bird statue by the harbour-mouth. Gentler waves can be found right in front of the harbour, just watch out for iron bars at low tide. From here there are boats 1.5km west to Pengpeng Beach (or 'Living Dragon Beach’) to the south of a very young coral island that breached the ocean’s surface just 10 years ago. In NE, the leeward crescent offers a perfect speed-strip while inviting waves peel onto the east end with any swell. At low tide, be careful of iron rods and weirs here too. Unlike Niaoyu, a bridge connects the western island of Hsiyu to the other main islands. Chihma Beach awaits in the verdant south.
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Guoye Sunrise an der Ostküste hat nicht nur die schönsten Sonnenaufgänge, sondern auch den konstantesten Wind.
Guoye Sunrise on the east coast doesn't just see the nicest sunrise, but also the most constant wind.