Pearly's Beach

South Africa


The first detour off the dead-straight R27 rewards you with Silverstroomstrand. The SE blows just as strong as Cape Town, the only difference being you’ll have this place to yourself. A good option if it’s not yet blowing strong enough at Yzerfontein, which only really gets going when even the small kit’s being packed away at Melkbos. Gale force refugees also flee here for the long, clean, relatively slow-breaking wave, which packs 1 to 2m more SW swell than near Cape Town. If you prefer a relaxed session to kit-crunching wave-hunting, then Langebaan is a safe bet. In the past this remote lagoon landscape was visited exclusively for fishing and ore mining, but lately it’s become a popular watersports centre with all the trimmings. The secrets of its success are a variety of conditions, suitability of all wind directions, and excellent wind stats as the local thermal reinforces light southerlies. The windiest spots are Pearly’s Beach in front of its trendy namesake restaurant, and just around the corner Cape Sports Bay named after the region’s pioneering shop. Both are in the middle of town. Shark Bay in the lagoon’s southern offshoot has got very popular despite a long walk and lack of infrastructure. Turquoise water reminiscent of the Caribbean and 2km of standing-depth water offer ideal learning conditions, and the only sharky things here are harmless little sand sharks. It’s more important not to leave any valuables for the sharks in the remote parking area! If you prefer secluded slalom blasting, drive to Churchhaven on the far side. Amazingly for a lagoon, Langebaan even offers wavesailing as some amazingly powerful wind-waves break in front of the Club Mykonos resort at Hobie Beach. There are 'real’ waves half an hour up the coast at Swartriet. For a small tip, the gates of a privately owned farm will open for super-sized SE sessions. Most of the time it blows about 1-2 Forces less than Langebaan or Cape Town, which can be a welcome relief. However, it’s always a bit gusty and the gate closes for the night at around 6pm! You can play until sunset at Shelley Point – either on the beach-break in southerlies or over a reef to the right in northerlies. It’s obvious that these are very rich fishing grounds; whales, dolphins and huge flocks of cormorants are more common than kiters and windsurfers. West Coast is also crawfish territory, and these delicacies can be enjoyed with a clear conscience thanks to local regulations specifying quotas and sizes. The dusty little fishing village of Elandsbaai has been a classic amongst surfers since the movie 'Endless Summer’. A rocky point forms a perfect left in the spacious bay, while massive lines break over sand along the beach. The place to be in SW, which is generally too onshore all the way down to Cape Town but blows dead cross-shore here. Don’t ride too close to the point – there are lots of surfers and the wind gets very gusty! If Elands gets too gnarly, try Lambert’s Bay. Jojo’s not only has 1-2 Forces less wind but also 1-2m smaller waves. The highlight between Lambert’s and Elands Bay is the evening seafood braai in Muisbos – it’s just like Langebaan’s 'Strandloper’ was 20 years ago. Call the Turner family a day or two ahead to ask if they’re open.
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Einen ersten Abstecher von der schnurgeraden R27 lohnt Silverstroomstrand. Der Southeaster weht hier ähnlich stark wie in Cape Town, mit dem Unterschied&helli…
The first detour off the dead-straight R27 rewards you with Silverstroomstrand. The SE blows just as strong as Cape Town, the only difference being you'll&hell…